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Well seasoned in the Art of Touch​, I use bodywork, reiki and other touch therapies to relax, relieve, rejuvenate, stimulate, release, soothe and heal, bringing clarity and balance to mind, body and spirit. Promoting physical and mental well being. My space is relaxing, safe and comfortable where the  use of music and soft lighting create a calming atmosphere.  Separate Reiki sessions are for anyone seeking a deeper relaxation or healing of physical and emotional blockages, energy balance or spiritual healing. Touch is a powerful form of communication. I use my hands to communicate with your body and your spirit, in order to give you exactly what you need. It's all about you, and I'm here for you.

"When I first met Vaughn. I was in a great deal of muscular discomfort and experiencing limited mobility in my shoulders. Through his healing touch and clinical understanding of the body, Vaughn was immediately able to identify the source of my pain and isolate the trigger points that offered relief. Passionate about the physical and spiritual well being of his clients, Vaughn creates a space that is restorative, trusting and intimately sacred. His understanding of human energy and the relationship between body and soul, guide his compassionate hands to heal the whole of a person and awaken and stimulate the senses."

​Mind, Body and Spirit