​Vaughn makes no idle boasts or overblown​ claims in his offering. He delivers everything promised and beyond. His large, strong, beautiful hands convey a marvelous heat that soothes, heals arouses as they touch every part of your body. Vaughn is a practitioner of immense energy, skill and presence. Allow him to heal and awaken your body. You will not regret it.

Thank you! Wow! Talking about being centered. You delivered in more ways imaginable.

Reviews and Testimonials

​You did the most amazing massage I have had in years! I have no tight muscles at this time, no aches and no pains. But what really amazed me was the Reiki you did on me! I am actually speechless at this moment. If one sessions works this great, what can on going do?! I will know because now you will be the only one I will go to. When you spoke those positive words, I knew if was from "The Secret"! Awesome! Your are just truly an awesome person Vaughn. Thank you so much for what you do and putting your whole heart into it!

​Been to Vaughn 4 times in a month. Twice this week. Once up in Portland, Maine and the others at his home base in New Hampshire. I have a wacky schedule, and cannot usually plan too far in advance. He has always worked me in when requested, or gave me an option within an hour or so of my last minute requests. His massage is hands down (no pun) one of the best I've had, if not THE best. Again, I come out relaxed, but energized. His session is not to be missed. Great setting too. Clean, comfortable, easy access. If you've been on the fence, just make that call, you're welcome in advance!

Thank you, Vaughn, for a session more lovely than I imagined. The greeting you gave me and the space you created welcomed me right in. Your professional massage skill combined with your soft and genuine manner made this an authentic and affirming experience I won't forget. I enjoyed our talk afterward and as a result will do some research on Gaia. It's unusual that a massage experience would be combined with Reiki, but in this instance the two together seemed to work, and so I left with a feeling of having shifted somehow, having gained something well beyond a massage. That's a great gift to give someone; thank you. You do good work, and so keep following your heart.

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